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heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitely not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im allergic to bananas.  

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“ When somebody really loves you, they will accept you as you are. The true feeling is when someone loves even your dark sides, they can forgive and forget mistakes that you’ve ever done once. But never take that as granted, they will never forgive you, if you continue repeating the same mistakes again and again. They are humans with limits. ”

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Please be entertained by this fish scaring this dog.


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I just realized that “pun intended” is a pun on “unintended” and I’m literally about to gouge my eyes out I’m so angry

oh my fucking god

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